Interviewed With An Employment Law Attorney

I was looking around for a job because I really don't like the one I have. I currently work in a call center and I am looking to find a job in a smaller office. I started searching for a new job about 2 months ago. I haven't had much luck. I came across an office job not to long ago for an employment law Austin employment attorney. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to apply for it. So I sent my resume to them and patiently waited for a phone call. About a week after sending my resume, they called me. They were interested in setting up an interview with me. I was so excited to have an opportunity to get out of the call center that I was working in.


I had the interview and thought I did a great job. However, they called me back about a week later to tell me they found someone that was more qualified for the job than me. I will just have to keep looking until I find something else. I can't quit this job until I find another one to replace it with.

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